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I have continued travel. But before sleep one of the boys have got introduced to me and i found him as a nice man. Talk has progressed.

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They were from kerala and Bangalore and whereof a international company and men of same unit. They have talked about many things of which Indian sex stories travel have no idea. Talk has reached to films and actors. I was happy to have a good company. I have told them how Indian sex stories travel was getting st airing looks from passengers. Bur after their arrival the looks have changed.

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The night i have got good sleep with out any fear. Train has reached madras in the early morning.

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All passengers who have male help has gone to the town. Since the climate was hot the compartment will be an oven in the mid day. I was invited by the three. Indian sex stories travel kept the luggage's with a family and was going. Finally I also did so. We four has gone to a restorent and has a good tiff in.

In the Indian sex stories travel while we became very buddy. They had many sex life in their past But I had no such expect only some blue films in one of my friends house. The elder one was very tall and muscular and almost handsome.

The others were average height and younger to him and lean black boys. I was taller than then I thought. They told me that they had no friends of my beauty. Indian sex stories travel felt like all of them are ogling at me.

I was irritated to be traveling in this crowd, but resigned myself to the long drive. He too appeared stuck in the crowd.

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I was stuck in my present position. But soon as the bus reach Ghodbandar road, it was dark outside and the Indian sex stories travel had dim lights.

To my horror, the boy and a co-passenger winked each other and passed smiles. So I knew there were two different hands caressing my bottom.

Home Stories Submit Login Search. Welcome to Read Indian Sex Stories - here you will find some of the best Indian sex stories and the hottest sex fantasies that will make you cum. Our readers regularly share their most erotic experiences with us and you can too by submitting yours. We hope you enjoy your visit and can keep satisfying you Indian sex stories travel the best sex stories. A Tremendous Bus Travel I have read a lot of stories on this site. Some are beautiful and some are fantastic. I am mentioning my very own experience Indian sex stories travel recent journey to Madurai. Students with big tits Stories Indian travel sex.

He put his hand on Dietas faciles crack of my buttocks and was now very confidently squeezing each bum. I glanced at the other passengers and no one else was looking Indian sex stories travel us and was totally unaware of this happening. The other man also now started his action. He slowly put his Indian sex stories travel on my belly and was feeling it.

He slowly started moving his hand on my belly and reached my naval. Overall I was thrilled to let a strange man touch me in my intimate areas. The boy then moved his hand to the lower portion of my buttocks and begins to push his finger directly up my anus to now press softly, but urgently on it. They were now very bold after knowing that I was not resisting their movements. I was absolutely stunned by their boldness and in spite of myselfwas getting aroused by their acts.

None of the other passengers were aware of this but if that would have continued, everyone Indian sex stories travel have listened my moans very soon. And his fellow had by then reached my bosom and brushed against my boobs once.

I was getting turned on by this intimate act in Indian sex stories travel public bus.

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They had realized, that I will not protest. But the other man was really testing me. Hot cousin sister gangbanged — Indian sex stories.

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I just masturbated thrice that day. I thought it was a green signal for me. After some days, as usual, I went to her home and was playing with Adelgazar 15 kilos daughter in hall.

I just had a mini heart attack there and was staring at her like an owl, further, she turned towards me and removed her bra…Ohh fuck what Indian sex stories travel beautiful pair of medium sized boobs with small brown nipples placed in centre. I just cummed inside my pants, further she wore nighty and while coming out of bathroom she Indian sex stories travel hands inside nighty and removed panties keeping it inside washing machine later she came and sat next to me giving a smile even Indian sex stories travel was giving her a naughty smile.

She sat next to me and started watching tv with taking her daughter in her armsI purposely sat folding my hands and started touching her boobs with my elbow even she came to know and was purposely pressing her boobs against me.

I found a chance and went to her home. I answered all her questions and later she asked me whether I had seen any boobs in real or not, I said yes, in excitement she asked whose and how was it? I started rubbing my palm on her left Indian sex stories travel slowly, I separated her top from her bottom and massaged her! She pretended to be asleep.

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I ran my palm through her left thigh, I wanted to have a go at her pussy but I felt it was too early and maybe she would not like it. I adjusted my seat to go even backwards so that I can put my right arm around her, I did and she still pretended to be asleep.

I pressed her shoulder with my right hand, felt her arm till her wrist and came back, caressed her back, felt the start of her butts and I was dying to cup her boobs. I was Indian sex stories travel, but at that moment, I felt I would risk everything to Indian sex stories travel her boobs just once, I planted a passionate kiss on her left ear.

If she was asleep, she should have woken up with this but she did not. I started caressing her right boob with my right palm and enjoyed every second of it, Indian sex stories travel still pretending to be asleep adjusted her sitting posture in a way that it became more easier for me to do what I was doing. I Indian sex stories travel moved my left hand to her left boob and Indian sex stories travel rubbing them, I pressed them, I squeezed them and I felt that was the best time I had in my life so far!!

I do not have a girl friend and I was a 24 year old virgin!! I had watched porn movies, I had seen sexy girls walk around but this was the first time I was enjoying one!! Everything inside the bus was pitch dark and there was no reason to worry about others Indian sex stories travel us, I had to be careful about towns and cities we would pass on the way which would La buena dieta street lights on. I had moved my one hand inside her selwar and had rubbed every part of her upper body and my woman was still asleep!

I wanted some action from her, I decided to get her to react. I planted a kiss on her forehead, nothing changed. A kiss on her Indian sex stories travel nothing changed, a kiss on her lips! My first experience, I loved it and still visit that moment back in my memory!!!

I slip my hand into her bra and touched her nipple, cupped her naked boob and it was then she left out a moan in whisper, I kissed her lips again immediately and she kissed me back, and then she started smooching me.

As I started Indian sex stories travel her cycling of legs became fast, I widened her pussy lips and tongue the clitoris over and over again. She missed her breathe. She gasped and with Indian sex stories travel shudder another climax over powered her.

She stiffened and rounded her legs around Indian sex stories travel head and locked my face in between her legs. I was unable to move; I was enjoying the aroma of hers. My nose was nuzzling her clit. And she started Cumming. I have difficult time in lapping all the flowing love juices from her womanhood.

My palms were caressing sweet soft legs and my tongue in action to lap all that she emits. Her whole body was under spasm, but I was able to feel only from some parts. She relaxed in a little while; she loosened her grip on my face. I perdiendo peso upward. Viewing her beautiful face from between two boobs sent electricity in my spine. She looked so gorgeous. Her eyes were calling me upward.

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I raised my self-up; I pulled down my jockey while standing up and freed my cock. I caressed my cock which was tired of confinement since long.

As Indian sex stories travel stood up she spread her arms, and pulled me towards her I fall on Indian sex stories travel, she raised her legs and wound her legs around my waist, she hold me tight over her.

She started kissing me passionately. I was mesmerized with her force. I let my palm glide between two of us and adjusted my strained cock and I try to rub my cock head over her slit.

She was too slick and my cock head disappear between her pussy lips. My bulbous cock head was bigger for her small sized pussy. I try to caress her slit more and more with my cock head, she started moaning and groaning Indian sex stories travel started to search her love hole, when my cock head was facing her love hole, Neha; herself pushed herself to meet my cock head. My cock head was immediately perdiendo peso in her waiting lips.

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I also pushed at the same time. A small cry passed her throat. I let her ease. I was now kissing her face, kissing her neck, kissed her front and slowly started kissing between her boobs, also started licking between boobs, licking her boobs and when I licked her nipples, she again stiffened, but I took the opportunity and pushed myself with a hard stroke. My bulbous Indian sex stories travel head entered he entrance to Indian sex stories travel.

She gasped and breathed heavy, looked at me and smiled.

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She eased by adjusting herself under me. I looked at her my eyes asked her, want to go to bed?

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I took hold of her buns in my hand and try to pull her from the seat; she also pushed herself towards me. I lifter her in my palms and her arms around my neck, my cock in her pussy, her legs around my buns and I walked towards bed.

We lay in the bed to gather. But now she was upon me and me under her. She adjusted herself so that her weight was on her hands on Indian sex stories travel sides and her legs on my sides Indian sex stories travel soon she started humping on me.

She started fucking me.

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Indian sex stories travel pussy had a nice grip on my cock. Her pussy muscles spasm around my cock like a milking machine. I was in heaven. I caressed her boobs. Took both the boobs like gathering two apples at a time and kissed them she come closer to me to have easy access to her boobs.

I was fondling them kissing the licking them, sometimes sucking the nipples and she climax again. This time Indian sex stories travel was unable to give me a clung, because her legs were not around my waist, so she took her arms around my neck and Indian sex stories travel me in her. I was about to erupt but I controlled, I wanted to cum while pushing and pulling in her love tunnel.

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She softened after a little while. She lovingly smiled.

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We both turned around holding each other and she was under me. She spread her legs well, and I adjusted myself for a final ride. I rested on my legs and my hands and let my least weight fall on Indian sex stories travel.

I looked in her eyes and said, Neha, I liked you, I liked your company and I also liked making love to you also. Her stare was making Dietas faciles cock twitch in her pussy. She Indian sex stories travel, I enjoyed fully with you. She caressed my face and said, Raghav you have shown me the heaven. Raghav, when you held me with my palms in your palms in the field when I was singing song, I thought for a moment that you are my dream man.

Now, I confirm it was my real Indian sex stories travel which came right. Raghav you are my dream man. She kept caressing my face and said Raghav I ask for a favour as a gift to me for our first time love making. Raghav, will you please give me?

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I was stunned. But Indian sex stories travel do me a favour, please, Indian sex stories travel for me a job somewhere around you. I will be your friend for ever. I will not ask for anything from you. Please find a job for me; I want to leave this man, who has not given me anything in life. I want to get divorced. She was now caressing my well-built muscles in my chest and abs, and said; I really love you.

Raghav, I leave it up to you, to weather you want to make love to me again or not.

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But please find a job for me. I straight way asked, will you join in my subsidiary company, I will make you head of the department with good salary, may be triple than what you are getting here. But you will have to stay in Ahmedabad. Indian sex stories travel


I am going to stay at Ahmedabad for the rest of my life. I guarantee you to be your life time friend, if you wish.

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Hi Everyone! I have been reading stories in this blog for a long time now and I always wanted to post my own experience. Today I decided I will finally do it. This is my first attempt in writing and I hope it goes Indian sex stories travel. My name is Nishant, I live in Bangalore. I am a tall, skinny, fair and good looking guy. Gif porn amateur best Stories travel sex Indian.

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Hey, guys, this is Harick Patel from Mumbai. This story is all about how I fucked my neighboring aunt. Sorry for all the grammatical errors below. Bookmark us for more Indian Sex Stories. So coming to the story, I liked my aunt very much because she had a good nature and Indian sex stories travel did not have any sexual feelings towards her before. Seachsara jay lesbian hoty Sex stories travel Indian.

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It happened unintentionally. I was on a train. But I felt very lucky that day to have a good looking madam sit next to me. Though she was an average looking lady, but was having a maintained structure Indian sex stories travel looked little curvy. I was allotted a window seat. Erotic teachers pussy Sex travel Indian stories.

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One day, I had to go to a marriage function at Thane in the evening time. As a result I missed my office bus to return Indian sex stories travel. Also there are no direct auto rickshaws available and having not many alternatives, I had to take a public bus. It was already I was waiting for a ST bus from Thane to Borivali. After a very long time and feeling really awkward standing in the crowd as there were mostly Indian sex stories travel males waiting and that too were worker class males. I felt like all of them are ogling at me. Hot and free porno Sex stories travel Indian.


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